Broadcast Service

Broadcast 3.0 Delivers Streaming Traffic Video for TV

Broadcast makes it easy for TV stations to use live, broadcast-quality traffic video from local DOT cameras on-air to report traffic, weather and other news. The application features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to find and queue traffic cameras for broadcast.

Broadcast gives TV stations the ability to:

  • Find cameras using an interactive map, camera listing, or text search.
  • Build and save 'Catalogs' of logical camera groupings (e.g., rush hour routes, bridge crossings, etc.)
  • Easily queue and update cameras for broadcast.
  • Control camera switching effects and timing.
  • Avoid cost of maintaining equipment at DOT traffic centers.
CNN Situation Room

An embedded display or co-branded page within your existing website that lets users see live traffic video by clicking camera locations presented on interactive road maps. Website publishers can use the service's single camera embed option to select live views from any TrafficLand network camera and display it on home pages or in related editorial anywhere on their website. TrafficLand is currently providing its Web Embed and Co-Branded traffic page services to radio and television station, newspaper, DoT, government, weather and other traffic websites.

Washingtonpost Embed screenshot TrafficLand Web Embed service provides interactive maps and live traffic video content for the website.

For more information, please contact:

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