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C95, I-91 N @ Elm St (s/o Exit 25/26)
C119, CT-2 E @ Ensign St (w/o Exit 5A)
C101, I-91 N @ RT-160 (Elm St) (s/o Exit 24)
C2, I-84 W @ RT-30 (Deming St) (e/o Exit 63)
C117, CT-516 S @ Willow St (Main St.)
C54, I-84 E w/o RT-372 (W Main St) (Exit 36)
C8, I-84 W @ Tolland Tpk (e/o Exit 61 )
C123, CT-2 W @ RT-3 (Exit 5D)
C39, I-84 E @ Ramp to I-84 W (RT-9 N Exit 32)
C9, I-84 W @ I-291 Ramp to I-84 East On-Ramp (Exit 59)