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I-95 @ Boston Post Rd (US-1)
C156, CT-8 N @ Cross St (s/o Exit 26)
C141, I-84 W @ Meadow St (e/o Exit 19)
C151, I-84 E @ RT-172 (Lakeside Rd) (Exit 14)
C168, CT-8 N s/o I-84 vic. Riverside St (n/o Exit 30)
C164, CT-8 S @ RT-73 (Watertown Ave) (n/o Exit 34)
C144, I-84 W @ Chace Pkwy (Exit 17)
C163, CT-8 N @ Huntingon Ave (Exit 36)
C166, CT-8 S n/o I-84 next to Riverside St (Exit 30)
C169, CT-8 S @ Washington Ave & Charles St (Exit 30)