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GW Bridge (fm Mediterranean Towers)
MM 112.3 Eastern Spur Interchange 16E - NJ 3/Lincoln Tunnel (Secaucus)
MM 7.7 Hudson County Extension e/o Jersey Ave/Holland Tunnel (Jersey City)
MM 8.1 Hudson County Extension w/o Jersey Ave/Holland Tunnel (Jersey City)
NJ 3 in the Median at NJ 120
MM 5.9 Hudson County Extension Interchange 14C - Toll Plaza (Jersey City)
MM 7.10 Hudson County Extension Grand St (Jersey City)
NJ-1/9T @ Broadway, Jersey City Cam 1
MM 107.1 Eastern Spur Interchange 15E - US 1&9 (Newark)
NJ-1/9T @ Broadway, Jersey City Cam 2