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  • Q Why are some cameras not pointed at traffic?
    A Traffic cameras are owned and operated by state and local Departments of Transportation and may, at times, be used to support highway maintenance or traffic incident response needs. Disruptions of this kind are typically brief and we appreciate your understanding. We welcome notification about extended camera displays of views that do not show roadways and they will be forwarded on your behalf to the relevant Department of Transportation.
  • Q Are recordings available of the traffic camera video shown on
    A TrafficLand does not own or operate the cameras shown on our website and is not authorized to record any of the video.
  • Q Why do some of the cameras in Maryland cycle through images instead of permitting me to select individual cameras?
    A Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) has changed their camera network to only provide “Video Tours”. These tours cycle through different camera images in the same general area. As that is the format in which we receive the video, that is the format which our users see.
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