TrafficLand, Inc. ("TrafficLand" or the "Company") provides TrafficLand® services that aggregates and delivers live traffic video over the Internet and on TV. The Company has developed patent-pending technology to allow it to aggregate thousands of CCTV (closed circuit television) video feeds from multiple Departments of Transportation (DoTs) traffic camera networks.

TrafficLand® services currently includes thousands of cameras from dozens of markets worldwide. Developed as a public-private partnership, TrafficLand works with local, state and federal government agencies and commercial enterprises to leverage existing video camera networks and repurpose these resources to unlock their full benefits:

For the driving public: Help users avoid traffic congestion with free online services that provide anywhere-anytime access to live traffic cameras from desktop computers and web-enabled PDAs and cell phones.

For first responders: Improved incident assessment and response with private network access to real-time, multi-camera displays, that can include multiple jurisdictional camera systems to provide situational awareness of roadway incidents. (For more information, visit www.trafficland.com/vmc.)

For DoTs: Cost effective integration, hosting and distribution of traffic video for better operational control and a streamlined approach to sharing video externally with multiple public safety stakeholders and user groups. (See our list of Public Partners, or for more information about our DoT services, visit www.trafficland.com/transportation.)

For media organizations: Live, targeted traffic video to enhance broadcast traffic reporting and value-added content for website visitors. (For more information, visit www.trafficland.com/broadcast.)